Panasonic Countertop Induction Oven Review- NU-HX100S

Introducing The Tragically Mediocre $600 (ish) “Revolutionary”  Toaster Oven

Panasonic NU-HX100S Countertop Induction Oven with Induction Technology and Infrared Heat

Less than 30% of customers rate the Panasonic Countertop Induction Oven as a 5-star appliance.  For a startlingly expensive device that’s a devastatingly low statistic.

Who should buy the Panasonic NU-HX100S?

To be fair, some individuals do love the Panasonic NU-HX100S.  If you have a disposable income, unlimited countertop space, and a passion for new gadgets then this Panasonic Induction Oven might be right for you.  It is good for searing meat and does well with frozen food.  It’s fast, unique and has a sleek design.

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Panasonic Countertop Induction Oven

The Panasonic Countertop Induction Oven utilizes a unique cooking process.


But for many, the price is outlandish, especially for a device that isn’t very practical.  It does well with roast a cut up chicken or grilling a steak.  However, it’s very short in height, complicated to use, and doesn’t even make good toast.  Did I mention it’s expensive? Check the current price.


If you need a toaster oven…

Compared to the Panasonic Countertop Induction Oven, this Breville is a steal.  It’s not a futurisitic device like the Panasonic Infrared Oven, but the Smart Oven Pro is the best toaster oven currently available.  This toaster oven can replace a standard oven.   Check Price – Breville Smart Oven Pro

best red toaster oven

The Breville Smart Oven Pro, shown here in red, is also available in stainless steel.

Best Infrared Toaster Oven

On the other hand, if you have your heart set on something cutting edge, we recommend the Panasonic Flash Express.  It’s a futuristic, infrared cooking device that acts like a toaster oven.  It’s not as sleek as the Panasonic NU-HX100S and it doesn’t offer induction heating capabilities,  but it also doesn’t come with the crazy price tag.  It’s a fraction of the cost – Check Price – Flash Express


panasonic instant toaster oven

The Panasonic Flash Xpress isn’t beautiful, but it does have a cult-like following.


More Details about the Panasonic NU-HX100S

The Panasonic NU-HX100S Countertop Induction Oven with Induction Technology and Infrared Heat is not actually a toaster oven.  This appliance is a combination of an induction oven and an infrared toaster oven.  It does not work the same way a traditional toaster oven does.

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Features of the Panasonic  NU-HX100S:

  • Dual Heating Action
  • Six Preset Functions Including Grill, Bake, Reheat, Toast, and Broil.
  • Can fit a 12″ Pizza
  • 4-Slice Toast Capacity
  • External Dimensions: 19.7″ x 15.4″ x 8.9″
  • 3″ Maximum Height
  • Fast Cooking Times
  • Great for searing and roasting
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Limitations of the Panasonic  NU-HX100S:

  • Difficult to use.  This device isn’t straightforward like a toaster oven or a microwave where you can pop the food item, press a button, and wait for the food to finish.  You need to read the directions before cooking food with this device.  For example, when you make toast, you may need to add water to the pan before or the oven will dry it out.
  • You’ll need to look up cooking times. Keep the manual.
  • Everything needs to be cooked in the metal grill pan.
  • Does not toast well, dries the bread out.

Panasonic Countertop Induction Oven Pan

Why is the Panasonic Induction Oven called revolutionary?

The Panasonic Countertop Oven combines an infrared oven and an induction oven in dual heating technology for precise cooking control.

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