7 Recipes To Make Cinnamon Rolls Without Yeast

I love cinnamon rolls but don't want to deal with yeast. Luckily, there are ways to make cinnamon rolls without yeast. Here are 7 yeast free recipes.

7 Ways to Make Homemade Cinnamon Rolls – No Yeast

I don’t like baking bread because I don’t like dealing with yeast.  I’m impatient.  I want to toss it together, cook it, and eat it –  NOW – I don’t want to wait for the dough to rise.  That’s why I’m glad you can make cinnamon rolls without yeast.

There are a few different ways to put together these gooey delicious yeast free cinnamon rolls.  Some recipes will tell you to dump all the ingredients together in a loaf pan, others will explain how to roll out the dough to achieve the traditional homemade cinnamon roll look – just with no yeast.

7 Ways to Make Cinnamon Roll Without Yeast


1. Fast, Yeast Free Cinnamon Buns

I love these homemade cinnamon rolls – no yeast.  This recipe is also gluten free.


2.  Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls Without Yeast

These sweet rolls are both yeast free and gluten free.

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3.  Cinnamon Roll Muffins – No Yeast

Baking in a muffin tin can cut down on prep time when making a cinnamon roll recipe without yeast.


4.  Gluten-Free Homemade Cinnamon Rolls No Yeast

Try this Gluten Free Cinnamon Roll Recipe Without Yeast


5.  Kid-Easy Cinnamon Roll Recipe Without Yeast

Incredibly Easy Dairy-Free Cinnamon Rolls Without Yeast.

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6.  Cinnamon Roll Bread

It’s much easier to throw the ingredients in a loaf pan.  Try this yeast free recipe.

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7.  Pillowy Sweet Cinnamon Rolls Without Yeast

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